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wdt_ID Author Publisher Title Tags/Keywords Year
1 Brian Baskin Brian Baskin Malware Analysis Malware Analysis 2013
4 Wayne Piekarski Wayne Piekarski Google Android Internet of Things platform Google, Android, IoT 2016
3 Adrian Colyer Adrian Colyer When CSI meets public wifi: Inferring your mobile phone password via wifi signals Hunt, Mobile, WiFi, Password 2016
5 Jeremiah Grossman Jeremiah Grossman Jeremiah Grossman Slide Presentations Various
6 Hexacorn Ltd Hexacorn Ltd Threat Hunting, Anti-ThreatHunting, and EDR Software Hunt 2016
7 Hexacorn Ltd Hexacorn Ltd Comprehensive list of IR Sources and Alerts Hunt 2015
8 Kacy Zurkus MSP Hub Detection and response: where to begin Hunt 2016
9 Nicholas Popovich Optiv MSSQL Agent Jobs for Command Execution Hunt 2016
11 Basil Alawi S.Taher SANS Windows Events log for IR/Forensics ,Part 1 Hunt 2016
13 Jack Crook Jack Crook Hunting Lateral Movement Hunt, Lateral Movement 2016