AMD and Intel Chipset Vulnerabilities & Exploits: March 2018 Update

Author: ShadowSherlock Editor: Devon Ackerman UPDATE: March 2018 It seems we are nearing the end of the Spectre/Meltdown issues from a patch availability stand point. INTEL Patches for older versions of Intel Chipsets has been released - Haswell (4th-generation) and Broadwell (5th-generation). The performance hit will be about 10% to 20% for real world applications. Intel has also promised updates for the last generation of Core2 Duo chipsets. All microcode updates are now being deployed by Windows updates, so as long as they are performing Windows patching this should not be too big of an issue. Hardware changes to “fix” the vulnerability will first appear in the Cascade Lake processors which will start shipping in Q3 ’18. AMD Specifically to address Spectre/Meltdown, Microsoft will also be issuing them…
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