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Day 2 – Excerpt from “Diving In” Book by Devon Ackerman

Day 2 – Excerpt from “Diving In” Book by Devon Ackerman

Day 2 – Excerpt from the second chapter of my brand new #book, “#DivingIn – An Incident Responder’s Journey: A Guide for Executives, Lawyers, Insurance, Brokers & Audiences Eager to Learn” which can be viewed and purchased here!

“#Forensic examiners must be able to defensibly recover/extract relevant #evidence, preserve it, and present findings in a manner that it can be legally used in the identification and #attribution of #cybercrime. This includes being able to articulate why and what digital evidence means in the context of its discovery as well as being able to remain objective, scientific, and non-biased.

Evidence is evidence, facts are facts.

In the context of digital forensic science, being non-biased refers to conducting investigations in an impartial and objective manner, without allowing personal beliefs, expectations, or preconceived notions to influence the process or outcomes of the #investigation.”

Check back tomorrow for another excerpt!

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