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AboutDFIR Content Update 11/15/2019

Happy Friday everyone! Expect a higher tempo of posts from me regarding site content updates. As long as I change something on the site on a given day, I will make a quick blog post about it. This will allow me to keep everyone abreast on all the changes occurring on this site and to ensure everyone is aware of what information is being updated in a more timely manner. I will start with the following format but I’m sure it’ll evolve as time goes on. I’ll include a clickable link to the affected page for easy access in viewing the changes.  

  • Tools and Artifacts – Windows – Merged previous data table’s contents with new blog post content. New artifacts added with corresponding blog posts to data table.
  • Certifications & Training – Added Texas A&M’s free online DFIR courses and NW3C’s free online training courses.
  • Videos/Webinars – Changed name of page from Videos to Videos/Webinars to better represent content on that page. Updated URL, as well. Added 13Cubed, SANS Webcasts, Cellebrite Webinars and Magnet Forensics Webinars to data table and removed redundant links as a result of these additions.
  • Tools and Artifacts – iOS – Added more iOS artifacts and corresponding blog posts to data table.
  • Jobs – Multiple jobs have been added over the last few days. 

That’s all for now with much more to come. Stay tuned and have a great weekend!



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