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AboutDFIR Content Update 11/22/2019

Happy Friday, all! Yet another minor update that I wanted to be brought to everyone’s attention:

  • Tools & Artifacts – Android – added links to Scott Lorenz’s groundbreaking and informative EDL Mode guides: Mastering EDL Mode and Mastering EDL Test Points
  • Social Media – added link to 13Cubed’s YouTube channel which has many useful videos relating to various sub-disciplines of Digital Forensics including but not limited to Linux, Windows, Hashcat, Memory Forensics, etc. Also added a link to r/antiforensics

I’m hoping for a larger content update the very near future. I’ll be taking my SANS GCFE Exam on 12/3 so after that I should have a lot more spare bandwidth to keep up with and continue adding to the site’s content. Wish me luck!

As always, you can reach me via the usual methods: Digital Forensics Discord Server or Twitter



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