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AboutDFIR Content Update 12/12/2019

Greetings! The latest changes are detailed below:

In other news, I passed the GCFE after a few months of studying! I now have more free time available to work on my ever-growing to-do list for this site.

Next on the list is to go through the painstaking process of standardizing the layout of all data tables on the site. Links will be in their own column and will look like they do on this page everywhere on the site. The main reason for this is the data tables only sort by URL regardless of how we label the title for the link. While this won’t necessarily count as new content, it will help improve the site’s readability and overall uniformity. Also, I’ll continue working on those Preservation Letter templates in the meantime as well as adding more Challenges & CTFs. Special thanks to Phill Moore for providing me with some additional resources for that page in particular. 

There might be a larger gap between this update and the next one due to all of the above. However, new jobs are added as they are being submitted or we’re made aware of them so I will likely stop posting in these updates that new jobs were added. That should just be an assumption from here on out. 

As always, you can reach me via the usual methods: Digital Forensics Discord Server or Twitter. If you haven’t joined the Discord server yet, what are you waiting for? We just eclipsed 2300 members! It’s simply another tool in your toolbox for when you run into a snag.




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