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AboutDFIR Content Update 12/18/2019

Greetings! Lots of updates detailed below:

  • Tool Testing – this is a new page that was added to organize all links to sites that host forensic images that can be used for tool validation. Many of the links were taken from Challenges & CTFs so now their new home is here
  • Tools & Artifacts – Windows – a few new resources were added here that I learned about in a recent Magnet Forensics class (AX250)
  • Tools & Artifacts – iOS – added 4 new blog posts relating to Checkra1n and Checkm8
  • Awards – this page was renamed to Awards and now includes not only the Forensic 4:cast Awards but also the SANS Cybersecurity Innovation Awards. If there are any other DFIR related Awards out there, please let us know
  • Conferences – new conference added in Virginia 
  • White Papers – updated a few links here and modified the page title
  • Intelligence Portals – dead links have been removed
  • Home Page – menus have been modified to reflect the above changes
  • Lots of behind the scenes data table standardization that will continue until it’s finished

Always pushing forward and improving! Per usual, you can reach me via the following methods: Digital Forensics Discord Server or Twitter




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