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AboutDFIR Content Update 12/30/2019

Greetings! The last update of the decade is detailed below:

  • Men of #DFIR – new entries added
  • Instagram – added Search Warrant and Preservation Letter template language for Instagram
  • Mobile Devices/Computers – added Search Warrant and Preservation Letter template language for Mobile Devices/Computers
  • Every data table should now be mobile friendly with collapsing columns to fit the respective width of your mobile devices. If there are any that aren’t translating well on the mobile experience, please let me know!
  • More data tables have been transitioned to the universal format of having a separate Link column 

What a year it has been! I became a contributor to AboutDFIR in September 2019 and it’s been a great side passion project for me to give back and be more involved in the DFIR community. I look forward to the full year ahead providing contributions, updates, and general content curation to the website. I have many ideas of my own that I hope to implement in 2020 as well as the ideas of others. To anyone who has contributed content this past year, I appreciate it and hope to see more from you in 2020 and beyond. 

The main reason why I love being a part of AboutDFIR is that I want to help create the resource I wish I had when I first started. Granted, I only started in 2015, but I try to approach content curation on this site to cater to me 4+ years ago. What would the newbie version of me have benefited from the most knowing what I know now? Some skills and lessons just take time and experience and no website such as AboutDFIR can substitute for that, but at least this website can be the best it can be for when people need it or come across it for the first time. Hopefully, it can further one’s investigation be it criminal, civil, or otherwise. If AboutDFIR can get you one step further than you otherwise would’ve gotten, then this site has succeeded, in my opinion. 

I also look forward to a new year and a new decade of the Digital Forensics Discord Server. What started out as 3 members in March 2018 has grown to 2,353 members at the time of this writing. I am sure 3,000 is a reasonable goal for 2020 but growth will slow as time goes on, naturally. However, the community has benefitted greatly from its active members and their recruitment of new members who contribute to and benefit from the community’s discussions. AboutDFIR also became the main host of content previously hosted in the server’s #dfir_resources channel which has been a huge improvement, in my eyes. Discord has some limitations when trying to be a host of content with 2,000 character limits in posts, etc so this has been a welcome change. 

In conclusion, the best is still to come from AboutDFIR and the Digital Forensics Discord Server as well as the DFIR community as a whole. I wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year! Here’s to 2020! Per usual, you can reach me via the following methods: Digital Forensics Discord Server or Twitter



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