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AboutDFIR Content Update 12/31/2020

Happy (almost) New Year and with that, the last update of 2020:

AboutDFIR stickers are a thing! If you’re interested in one, please let us know! Here’s what they look like:

2020 was an awesome year for AboutDFIR. We saw the site evolve quite a bit both in content and organization. Tool guides were created and added to the site’s home menu for Eric Zimmerman’s tools, including KAPE. AboutDFIR continues to have jobs added to on a weekly basis that has served many who are looking for new opportunities. EZ Tool guides will continue through 2021 as well as the content curation you’ve come to expect. This site is a passion project and we do it for free! That being said, if there’s something you want to see on here, please let us know!

2020 was an immensely successful year for the Digital Forensics Discord Server, as well. Both AboutDFIR and the Digital Forensics Discord Server were up for DFIR Resource of the Year with the Digital Forensics Discord Server winning this time around thanks to community support.

2020 was my personal best year in DFIR and I hope 5 years from now I can say it was only a building block for what was yet to come. Only time will tell but I have big plans that hopefully I can make happen with the 24 hours I’m given in a day!

Hopefully everyone is in good health and spirits despite the challenges of 2020. May 2021 bring better luck (and a vaccine) to all of us so we can get back to normal!

As always, there’s plenty of new content and features in the works! As always, if there’s something you think should be on the website, let us know on our new feedback form! Per usual, you can reach me via the following methods: Digital Forensics Discord Server, Twitter, or LinkedIn



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