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AboutDFIR Content Update 3/27/2020

Happy Friday! This week’s update is detailed below: 

In case you missed my most recent blog post detailing the AboutDFIR RSS Starter Pack, please check it out here! Shoutout to Jessica Hyde of Magnet Forensics for mentioning the AboutDFIR RSS Starter Pack on the most recent Forensic Lunch episode

SANS has created a wonderful landing page of free content in light of the current global pandemic (COVID-19), check it out here. For many other COVID-19 resources, check out the latest This Week in 4n6 post here

Yesterday, the Digital Forensics Discord Server celebrated its 2 year anniversary! This morning, it celebrated passing 3,000 verified members! If you’re not one of them, what are you waiting for? Join now!

If there’s something you think should be on the website, let us know! Per usual, you can reach me via the following methods: Digital Forensics Discord Server, Twitter, or LinkedIn



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