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AboutDFIR Content Update 3/27/2021

The “I can’t believe March is almost over already” update:

AboutDFIR stickers are a thing! If you’re interested in one, please let us know! Here’s what they look like:

The 2021 Forensic 4:cast Awards are open for the year 2020. If you feel that AboutDFIR served you well in 2020, we would appreciate a nomination for the final ballot of this year’s awards! You can submit your nominations here until May 14, 2021!

Have you signed up for the upcoming Magnet Virtual Summit or the SANS DFIR Summit? These are two of the best events of the year in DFIR so don’t miss out!

Also, if you’ve been caught up in the Exchange CVE madness, please take some time to decompress and take care of yourself. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Burnout is real and can be avoided (or at least delayed) by stepping away for a bit.

I’ve been continuing lots of work on GitHub to help improve the KAPE, RECmd, SQLECmd, and EVTXECmd projects. That work will continue so feel free to follow me on GitHub! Also, the next EZ Tool guide will be delayed a bit as I’m working on building up the SQLECmd tool before I create a guide on it.

As always, there’s plenty of new content and features in the works! As always, if there’s something you think should be on the website, let us know on our new feedback form! Per usual, you can reach me via the following methods: Digital Forensics Discord Server, Twitter, or LinkedIn



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