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AboutDFIR Content Update 7/18/2020

Greetings! A smaller update this week: 

  • Annual Industry Reports – new entries added
  • Tools and Artifacts – menu section reworked in preparation for upcoming additions to the site

AboutDFIR stickers are a thing! If you’re interested in one, please let us know! Here’s what they look like:

The Forensic 4:cast Awards‘ were presented today and the community voted the Digital Forensics Discord Server as DFIR Resource of the Year! Thank you to all the support from the community members and for their hand in making it worthy enough to be nominated and winner of the category!

One last reminder that the AboutDFIR RSS Starter Pack was recently updated to v2! Check it out here!

There’s plenty of new content and features in the works! As always, if there’s something you think should be on the website, let us know on our new feedback form! Per usual, you can reach me via the following methods: Digital Forensics Discord Server, Twitter, or LinkedIn



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