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AboutDFIR RSS Starter Pack v2 released!

Greetings! I am happy to share a new version of the AboutDFIR RSS Starter Pack! The AboutDFIR RSS Starter Pack was first introduced earlier this year in March 2020. Since then, lots of new content channels have been created largely thanks to the forced stay-at-home experiment brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As always, the AboutDFIR RSS Starter Pack can always be found on its dedicated page on the site. For those who already have a working RSS feed setup, you can manually add these feeds via the links below to their respective categories.

DFIR YouTube Feeds

Forensic Happy Hour with Lee Reiber

DFIR Python Study Group with Alexis Brignoni and Brooke Gottlieb

Cache Up with Jessica Hyde

Digital Forensics

Nothing to See Here? I Beg to DFIR

Carved From Unallocated

Life Has No CTR+ALT+DELETE with Heather Mahalik

Thank you to all the new content contributors who bring useful and exciting content for our benefit and consumption. Hopefully the AboutDFIR RSS Starter Pack proves to be useful for you in managing your daily and weekly DFIR news cycle!

As always, cheers!

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