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AboutDFIR Site Content Update 1/29/22

It’s National Puzzle Day today! DFIR can be a little like a puzzle — looking for the pieces to put together to see the bigger picture. Since I don’t have a quick DFIR puzzle, here’s a small distraction in the form of the Daily Mini Crossword Puzzle from the New York Times. If you don’t like Crosswords, you could try the daily word puzzle that’s taken over Twitter as of late – Wordle.

On to the site updates:

AboutDFIR stickers are a thing! If you’re interested in one, please let us know! Here’s what they look like:

One more site update, Andrew Rathbun and I co-authored a post! “A Conversation about Transitioning to Incident Response” was posted yesterday. In it, Andrew answers some of the bigger questions I had when we first started talking about transitioning out of Law Enforcement over to Incident Response. He goes through things to put in your 5- or 10-year plan, training, mentorship, job titles, and more. While this started focused on a Law Enforcement perspective, it became clear that the general concept would be useful to anyone willing to give it a read. 

Last thing, and it’s a never-ending repeat, it’s still nomination time for the Forensic 4:Cast awards! Feel free to click here to nominate your favorite or most useful resources! This years nomination cycle opened early and closes May 1. 

Have a good one!
Cassie (DFIRDetective)

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