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AboutDFIR Site Content Update 12/18/21

Happy Holidays, Round 2!

Merry early Christmas! Happy late Hanukkah! Happy early Winter Solstice! Happy early Kwanzaa! If I missed something you celebrate, I apologize but I hope it’s amazing. I also hope the DFIR world this time of year is far less exciting through the upcoming holidays than it has been with the log4j/log4shell surprises on the IR side.

As for the site updates:

AboutDFIR stickers are a thing! If you’re interested in one, please let us know! Here’s what they look like:

For my update, it’s finally truly hitting winter in the northern parts of the US and while it’s not tech related, it’s the time of year to remind everyone to have an emergency kit in your vehicle and prepped in your house. With the unprecedented weather we’ve been seeing, now is as good as any time. Every storm with a power outage, we will see the elderly population on in-home oxygen calling 911 because they don’t have enough tanks or don’t know how to change their tanks. If someone you care about is on oxygen, make sure to check in on them when the lights go out. Ready.gov provides guidance, including print outs, for what to have in a home emergency kit and has the same for things to keep in your car. Much like elementary schools do fire drills and tornado drills, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself and your family for a disaster and then hopefully never need it.

Last thing, it’s nomination time for the Forensic 4:Cast awards! Feel free to click here to nominate your favorites or most useful resources! This years nomination cycle opened early and closes May 1 of 2022. 

Have a good one!
Cassie (DFIRDetective)

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