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AboutDFIR Site Content Update 12/3/22

  • Tools & Artifacts – Windows – new entries added – MUICache and FeatureUsage/Taskbar
  • Tools & Artifacts – iOS– new entry added – Facebook Messenger and AppIntent
  • Jobs – old entries cleaned up, new entries added – CISA, Deloitte, Reddit, DigitalOcean, Durham Police Department, SEROCU, and Tracepoint
  • Page of the Month – SANS Posters – new and updated posters have been added. (This has become more of a “Resource of the Month” so I’m going to continue that trend.)
  • Books – We’ll be updating and adding to the books page again going forward so feel free to share any suggestions or favorites!

AboutDFIR stickers are still a thing! If you’re interested in one, please let us know! Here’s what they look like:Short update since I’m back on my normal update schedule for a week!
In case you didn’t catch it, this weekend is a Free Weekend from Packt – December 2 to December 5.

Have a good one!
Cassie (DFIRDetective)

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