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AboutDFIR Site Content Update 8/27/22

The Forensic 4:cast Awards were announced. While we wait for the official posting, feel free to check my SANS DFIR Summit link collection for the results towards the bottom. I will add the official link to the Awards page on here as soon as I can. 

  • Tools & Artifacts – Windows – new entries added – SQLite Databases, Recents Folder, Last Shutdown
  • Jobs – old entries cleaned up, new entries added – Trellix, Bank of America, Prudential Financial, AON, Charles River Associates, ID.me 
  • Challenges and CTFs – new entry added – LetsDefend

AboutDFIR stickers are still a thing! If you’re interested in one, please let us know! Here’s what they look like:

The DFIR Discord published their crowdsourced book – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to DFIR: Experiences From Beginners and Experts! There are chapters on everything from the history of the server to malware analysis to CTFs. Help support the DFIR community by checking it out or contributing! Most of the collaboration happens in the Discord server so definitely consider joining if you want to provide feedback or chat with the authors. 

If you didn’t catch it, I’m also doing a very informal Defcon/Black Hat link collection. I won’t pretend I’ve found it all but it’s a decent look back for those who couldn’t attend live.
Cassie (DFIRDetective)

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