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An Overview of Recent and Future Content Updates

Happy Wednesday to everyone! We are halfway to the weekend and with that I bring to light some updates the site has experienced since I’ve joined the AboutDFIR team. Again, I’d like to thank Devon Ackerman for giving me the opportunity to contribute to a site in which I’ve long admired from afar.

The Scholarships page has been updated with many new scholarships for DFIR students. I’ve also added an expiration date column so both student and site admin know when they expire and can be removed from the site. I will do my best to keep this list updated but I always encourage students to conduct their own Google Fu for scholarship opportunities. They are out there, you just have to find them, fit the qualifications, and jump through the hoops to have a chance to win! If you win, it’s free money in your pocket! If you don’t get it, it’s a good learning experience and I encourage you to keep trying for others.

The Certifications and Training page has been updated and will continue to be curated as time goes on and vendor training offerings evolve. I will continue to validate the offerings listed on the website to ensure the most accurate information is aggregated for our user base. Please point out any discrepancies you notice and we will get it fixed promptly.

The Associations page has been updated with accurate information and cleaned of broken links/obsolete. The Women of #DFIR page has been curated to be as accurate as I can make it on my own. I’ve recently tweeted asking for a peer review of this page and I will make any adjustments necessary as the community points them out. The Men of #DFIR page will get a once over in the near future so stay tuned.

The Awards page also received a big overhaul. I hunted down the results for all the previous Forensic 4:cast Awards and made sure they were linked and available for everyone for archival purposes. I think it’s important to have easy access to these results so we don’t lose sight of how we got to where we are today as a community thanks to the contributions of past winners and nominees. 

As time goes on, more and more pages will be fleshed out further, updated, cleaned, and curated to provide the best experience and most accurate information to the user base. I highly encourage feedback from the community on what we can do better to serve you and this community. I look forward to helping make this site the best it can be moving forward into the future! I plan on concentrating on curating the data already present on this site prior to exploring other ventures. Plus, I’m also studying for the GCFE right now which I’d like to put behind me prior to exploring new ideas. 

As a quick aside, the Digital Forensics Discord Server recently surpassed the 2,000 member mark! What started as a few of us in local LE in March 2018 has evolved into an active group of examiners and vendors from around the world working together to solve everyday DFIR problems. For those interested in joining, please shoot a blank email to digitalforensicsdiscord@gmail.com. That is the quickest way to get an invite! There is always room for anyone who can benefit from or contribute to the cause. 

I welcome any feedback at any time. I can always be found on the Digital Forensics Discord Server or you may hit me up on the Twitter machine



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