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Digital Forensics & Incident Response

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Cybercrime and Digital Forensics

 Author: Thomas J. Holt  Published: 18 Oct, 2017  ISBN: 1138238732  ISBN: 1138238732  Pages: 738  Language: English  Tags: cybercrime |  Buy Now

“Types of hardware, peripherals, and electronic evidence” — “Evidence integrity” — “Summary” — “13 ACQUISITION AND EXAMINATION OF FORENSIC EVIDENCE” — “Introduction” — “Data preservation” — “Digital forensic imaging tools” — “Uncovering digital evidence” — “Data analysis” — “Data reduction and filtering” — “Reporting of findings” — “Summary” — “14 LEGAL CHALLENGES IN DIGITAL FORENSIC INVESTIGATIONS” — “Introduction” — “Constitutional issues in digital investigations” — “Federal Rules of Evidence 702” — “Summary” — “15 THE FUTURE OF CYBERCRIME, TERROR, AND POLICY” — “Introduction” — “Considering the future of cybercrime” — “How technicways will shift with new technologies” — “Social movements, technology, and social change” — “Need for new cyber criminological theories?” — “Shifting enforcement strategies in the age of the Internet” — “Considering the future of forensics” — “The challenge to policy makers globally” — “Summary” — “Glossary

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