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Digital Forensics with Open Source Tools

 Author: Cory Altheide  Publisher: Syngress Press  Published: January 1, 2011  ISBN: 1597495867  ISBN: 1597495867  Pages: 264  Language: English  Tags: digital forensicsopen source |  Buy Now

Based on the use of open source tools, this book lends itself to many organizations as well as students who do not have means to purchase new tools for different investigations. Well known forensic methods are demonstrated using open-source computer forensic tools (Sleuthkit, Foremost, dcdd, pyag, etc.) for examining a wide range of target systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, etc.). The digital forensics industry is growing a rapid pace and this book is perfect for someone entering the field that does not have access to corporate tools. Written by world-renowned forensic practitioners Covers open source forensics tools for all major systems: Windows, Mac, and Linux Uses the most current examination and analysis techniques in the field.

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