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Day 3 – Locard’s Exchange Principle and #DFIR

Day 3 – Locard’s Exchange Principle and #DFIR

Day 3 – Excerpt from my newly released book, “Diving In – An Incident Responder’s Journey: A Guide for Executives, Lawyers, Insurance, Brokers & Audiences Eager to Learn” which you can get your copy here -> https://www.amazon.com/Diving-Responders-Executives-Insurance-Audiences/dp/B0CCCHTN8R

“Locard’s Exchange Principle is a fundamental concept in traditional forensic science, which posits that ‘every contact leaves a trace.’ In other words, any interaction between an individual and their environment will result in the transfer of physical evidence that can serve as a clue in a forensic investigation. This principle is often associated with the idea of fingerprints, which are unique to each individual and can provide evidence of their presence at a crime scene. It is a principle that I propose underscores Internet Identity Fusing; an original concept that I authored and introduced in Chapter 1.

In Digital Forensics, Locard’s Exchange Principle is equally applicable, albeit in a digital context. The principle recognizes that actions, interactions, and operations in an environment leave behind evidence of reactions that can serve as evidence in a forensic investigation — if one knows where to look, how to collect without compromising, and how to defensibly interpret and articulate meaning.

The fact is, digital evidence is nestled among multiple data layers… {read more now inside Chapter 3 of the book!}

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