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Removing the Cloak

So I was basically challenged into starting up a blog in relation to giving back to the community. This was largely pushed by many of the SANS instructors within the digital forensics curriculum as there is a large gap within the field as a whole. Coming from my previous employer, this was just something that couldn’t be done. We are always pushed to err on the side of caution while conducting any activity online as to not be found. That has basically been my mantra for quite some time now after I left. Exposing myself was something that has taken a lot of courage internally for me to do.

But I am doing it!

And the reason’s why I am doing it largely are because I want to give back to a field that has offered me so much. It is the right thing to do. Watching many of those I look up to have no issues using real names and email addresses out there in the wild has made this transition a lot easier. The hope is to provide content that our community finds to relatable and helpful in their own careers and studies.

What you can expect to see in terms of content is going to vary considerably depending on what I feel like would help move this forward. Since I work directly with SANS as a SME, I have been blessed to have taken a considerable amount of the courses. This will most likely be some of the first few postings to hopefully provide one person’s perspective on taking these classes and maybe going over some study tips for the GIAC certs whom many of you have not either done or the preparation you’ve done was not the best.

Expect to read….

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Incident Response
Legal Issues
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Policy Development
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Engagements and Operations Planning

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