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InfoSec News Nuggets 1/9/2024

Supreme Court rejects decade-old Twitter First Amendment case 

The Supreme Court has declined a long-running legal challenge from X Corp., formerly Twitter, over whether it can publicly reveal US government demands for user data. X Corp. v. Garland was on a list of denied petitions released this morning. That leaves X with a March 2023 ruling that the First Amendment doesn’t protect Twitter from limits on reporting national security demands — a ruling civil liberties organizations say sets a disappointingly low bar for censorship. 


Capital Health attack claimed by LockBit ransomware, risk of data leak 

The LockBit ransomware operation has claimed responsibility for a November 2023 cyberattack on the Capital Health hospital network and threatens to leak stolen data and negotiation chats by tomorrow. Capital Health is a primary healthcare service provider in New Jersey and parts of Pennsylvania, operating two major hospitals and several satellite and specialty clinics. Last November, the organization experienced an IT systems outage following a cyberattack on its network, warning that the incident would impact its operations for at least a week. 


Volkswagen is adding ChatGPT to its infotainment system 

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show got underway in Las Vegas today. For nearly a decade, automakers and their suppliers have increasingly expanded their presence at CES, such that today, it’s arguably a more important auto show than the once-proud, now-sad, extremely underattended events held in places like Chicago, Detroit, and Los Angeles. Volkswagen is one of the first automakers out of the blocks with CES news this morning. Working with the voice recognition company Cerence, VW is adding ChatGPT to its infotainment system. 


‘Swatting’ Becomes Latest Extortion Tactic in Ransomware Attacks 

Using a tactic known as “swatting,” threat actors are targeting medical institutions via their patients, in order to convince hospitals to pay ransom demands. Swatting is an extreme form of prank-calling in which calls are repeatedly made to the police about a certain individual — in this case patients — regarding bomb threats or other highly concerning allegations, leaving authorities no choice but to show up at these unknowing victims’ homes heavily armed. 


XDedic Marketplace Admin And Operators Arrested 

In a landmark victory for cybersecurity, the xDedic Marketplace, a notorious haven for cybercrime, has been shut down. This international operation, spearheaded by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, FBI, IRS-CI, and a consortium of law enforcement agencies from Belgium, Ukraine, and Germany, marks a significant blow to the underground economy of compromised data and access. 


Nigerian Gets 10 Years For Laundering Scam Funds 

A Nigerian national has been jailed for 10 years and one month and ordered to pay almost $1.5m in restitution after being convicted of serious money laundering offenses. Olugbenga Lawal, 33, of Indianapolis, Indiana, was convicted in August last year of conspiring to commit money laundering, after three co-conspirators had already pleaded guilty to the same crime. He laundered millions of dollars generated by various internet fraud schemes including romance scams and business email compromise (BEC), according to the Department of Justice (DoJ). 

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