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InfoSec News Nuggets 4/21/2020

IT services giant Cognizant suffers Maze Ransomware cyber attack

Information technologies services giant Cognizant suffered a cyber attack Friday night allegedly by the operators of the Maze Ransomware, BleepingComputer has learned. Cognizant is one of the largest IT managed services company in the world with close to 300,000 employees and over $15 billion in revenue. As part of its operations, Cognizant remotely manages its clients through end-point clients, or agents, that are installed on customer’s workstations to push out patches, software updates, and perform remote support services.


Facebook reveals Gaming app to rival Twitch and YouTube

Facebook has launched a dedicated gaming app earlier than planned, in its latest attempt to grow its presence in the online gaming world. Facebook said the “accelerated” launch was a direct response to the Covid-19 lockdown. The app lets users follow high-profile gamers, watch live gaming streams and leave comments without interacting with the rest of Facebook. It also lets gamers broadcast their own smartphone screen. While Facebook remains the largest social network on the planet, it has struggled to compete against dominant players Twitch and YouTube when it comes to games streaming and esports.


Contact-tracing apps have a trust problem, even if they do protect your privacy

On a call explaining how their contact-tracing capabilities would take on the COVID-19 pandemic, representatives from Google and Apple laid out their biggest challenge: getting people comfortable enough to actually use the technology. The whole project — a mission that two of the world’s largest tech companies teamed up for about three weeks ago — would fail if they couldn’t convince enough people to sign up. To do that, Apple, Google and any government looking to take advantage of a contact-tracing app have to climb a mountain of skepticism, created in part by the tech industry’s long history of data abuses. For years, lawmakers, privacy watchdogs and regulators have felt deceived by tech companies, who’ve used technical details to hide their tracking capabilities. 


FBI says that sharing personal info online only helps scammers

We all know someone willing to share everything on social media, including sensitive personal information they used as answers to security questions when setting up their accounts on various social networks. This can include information on schools they’re attending, on schools they graduated from, pet names, favorite music or places to eat, and even their mother’s maiden name after tagging her in photos shared online. However, as the FBI’s Charlotte office warned today, malicious actors take advantage of it as this type of information can be used to reset account passwords and take control of the accounts and the data stored within.


Hackers attack Nintendo accounts to buy Fortnite currency

Over the course of the last month, Nintendo users have been increasingly reporting that their accounts have been getting hacked and accessed from remote locations around the globe, with some users losing money as a result of the unauthorized intrusion. The account hijackings appear to have started mid-March and have reached a peak over the weekend when more and more users started receiving email alerts that unknown IP addresses have been seen accessing their Nintendo profiles.

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