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InfoSec News Nuggets 5/28/2020

COVID-19: WEF says cybersecurity measures no longer theoretical ‘nice-to-haves’ for businesses

With COVID-19 pandemic having forced individuals, organizations and the global economy to become more reliant on the internet and digital ways of doing business, an urgent action plan is required to deal with possible cyber attacks and data frauds, a WEF study said on Tuesday. ‘COVID-19 is confronting every organization with limits of its ability to learn and change in an environment where speed is everything and where delaying key decisions can have a dramatic impact on business operations,’ the WEF said. With the instantaneous shift to the digital realm, cyber resilience and cybersecurity are no longer theoretical nice-to-haves, thus making companies and countries painfully conscious of the fragility of the critical systems upon which they vitally depend and that must be secure and resilient, it added.


US Lawmakers Push for Internet Privacy Amendments to USA Freedom Act

United States lawmakers this week will vote on an amendment to the surveillance bill known as the USA FREEDOM Reauthorization Act that would limit law enforcement access to people’s search and browsing histories. Enacted in June 2015, the USA FREEDOM Act amends, among others, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (FISA), and USA PATRIOT Act, imposing limits on the bulk collection of data on U.S. citizens by the National Security Agency (NSA) and other intelligence agencies. If renewed, the USA Freedom Act would reauthorize several surveillance programs, allowing the Federal Bureau of Investigation, among others, to gain access to an individual’s Internet browsing and search history (from their Internet services provider) without a warrant.


Update Your Zoom Rooms for Security Enhancements & GCM Encryption Readiness

With the release from this past weekend, Zoom Rooms now have greater security and privacy host controls. We urge Zoom Rooms admins to update their rooms for these enhanced features, but just as importantly, to meet the minimum requirements of version 5.0 or greater for GCM encryption, which will be enabled and required for all meetings on May 30.


26 million LiveJournal credentials leaked online, sold on the dark web

Blogging platform LiveJournal appears to have suffered a security breach in 2014, according to multiple hackers who are now selling and freely trading the company’s user database on the dark web and on hacking forums, ZDNet has learned. For some, this might be old news. Rumors about a LiveJournal security breach have been circulating online for almost two years. The earliest talks appeared in October 2018 when multiple users reported receiving their unique/old LiveJournal passwords as part of sextortion email spam campaigns.


Japan is testing an app that lets sports fans cheer from the safety of their sofas

With fans barred from stadiums due to coronavirus restrictions, sporting bodies around the world are grappling with how to create atmosphere at matches — and the makers of a new app think they have the answer. The “Remote Cheerer powered by Sound UD” system is made by Yamaha and broadcasts cheers, boos and chants from users’ homes to the stadium via the internet, according to a press release. Fans tap buttons on an app to make their feelings known through speakers placed around the stadium, replacing the usual crowd noise.


You can now use your Canon camera as a Mac webcam

Canon recently unveiled a utility that lets you use its cameras as webcams, but to the disappointment of locked down Mac users, it only worked on Windows. The company has now rectified that omission with the release of the EOS Webcam Utility Beta on macOS. As before, it lets you connect cameras like the Rebel SL3, EOS R and M6 Mark II to your Mac via a USB cable. After you install the utility, your camera will function as a webcam, giving you a much sharper, richer and more professional look on Zoom, Skype or other video conferencing apps. (Fujifilm created a similar webcam utility for its own cameras on Windows only.)

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