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Introducing the AboutDFIR RSS Starter Pack!

Greetings! I am excited to share something that has been in the back of my mind for a while now. Introducing the AboutDFIR RSS Starter Pack! Basically, this is a curated list of blogs, DFIR vendor websites, and other cyber security related websites categorized for your convenience. A simple import into your Feedly account (or RSS app of choice) and you’re up and running! This is the first iteration of this project and will be updated as time goes on. Things change, blogs go up and down, vendors come and go, etc, so this will reflect the changes in the industry and the community. A download link to the .opml file can be found at the bottom of this post.

If you already have a Feedly account, you can skip to the bottom of this post. For those who’ve never used Feedly before, please see the below instructions to get yourself going:

Create an account at Feedly. I personally prefer creating an account (Continue with Feedly option) over signing in with another service, but that’s your decision

Suggestion: Turn on Dark Mode (personal preference)

Click Organize Sources

Click Import OPML

Point Feedly to the AboutDFIR_RSS_Starter_Pack_v1.opml file downloaded from here

Download the mobile app (Android/iOS

Suggestion: Turn on Auto Mark as Read on Scroll (personal preference)

Suggestion: Change Default View to Text-only (personal preference)

Download link: Google Drive

EZ Hasher Results:


MD5: A3355D4FBD92C46CF86D43623C3C6C13

All versions past, present, and future will be posted and hosted on the dedicated AboutDFIR RSS Starter Pack page

As always, let us know what you think and how this resource can be improved!

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