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Annual Industry Reports

Any.RunAnnual Report 20222023
Arctic WolfThe 2023 State of Cybersecurity2023
AvastQ4 2022 Threat Report2023
BDBD 2022 Cybersecurity Annual Report2023
BeyondTrustMicrosoft Vulnerabilities Report 20232023
BlackberryGlobal Threat Intelligence Report2023
Check Point2023 Cyber Security Report2023
CiscoCisco 2023 Data Privacy Benchmark Study2023
CiscoCisco Cybersecurity Readiness Index2023
CrowdStrikeCrowdStrike 2023 Global Threat Report2023
CybleUnderground Threat Activity Report 20222023
DattoDatto SMB Cybersecurity for MSPs Report2023
GoogleGoogle Threat Horizons2023
IBM Security X-ForceIBM Security X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 20232023
IBM X-ForceX-Force Threat Intelligence Index 20232023
IC3FBI Internet Crime Report 2022 - Direct Download PDF2023
KasperskyThe mobile malware threat landscape in 20222023
MandiantGlobal Perspectives on Threat Intelligence Report2023
McAfee2023 McAfee Consumer Mobile Threat Report2023
MetaAdversarial Threat Report, Q4 20222023
ODNIAnnual Threat Assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community2023
Orange CyberdefenseCy-Xplorer 20232023
proofpointState of the Phish Report2023
proofpoint2023 Human Factor2023
PwCCyber Threats 2022: A Year in Retrospect2023
RecordedFuture2022 Annual Report2023
Red CanaryRed Canary 2023 Threat Detection Report2023
RiskLens2023 Cybersecurity Risk Report2023
SonicWall2023 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report2023
Sophos LabsSophos 2023 Threat Report2023
TrendMicro2022 Annual Cybersecurity Report2023
Unit 422023 Unit 42 Ransomware and Extortion Report2023
Veeam2022 Ransomware Trends Report2023
Verizon2023 Data Breach Investigations Report2023
Accenture2021 Cyber Threat Intelligence Report - Vol 1 and Vol 2 2022
AppleApple Platform Security Guide2022
Arctic Wolf 2022 Trends - The State of Cybesecurity2022
AT&TCyber Security Insights Report2022
Avast Q4 '21 Report2022
BakerHostetlerData Security Incident Response Report - Resilience and Perseverance2022
BeyondTrustMicrosoft Vulnerabilities Report2022
BlackberryBlackBerry 2022 Threat Report2022
BulletproofBulletproof Annual Cyber Security Report 20222022
Check PointCyber Security Report 20222022
CISA2021 Top Routinely Exploited Vulnerabilities2022
CiscoCisco 2022 Data Privacy Benchmark Study2022
CrowdStrike2022 Global Threat Report2022
CyberEdge Group2022 Cyberthreat Defense Report2022
GoogleThreat Horizons - Cloud Threat Intelligence2022
Group-IBRansomware Uncovered 2021/20222022
IBM - X-ForceX-Force Threat Intelligence Index 20222022
IDCWorldwide Digital Forensics in Public Safety 2022 Vendor Assessment2022
KasperskyMobile malware evolution 20212022
KrollQ4 2021 Threat Landscape2022
MandiantM-Trends 20222022
Mcafee LabsThreat Predictions Report2022
MetaAdversarial Threat Report2022
ODNI2022 Annual Threat Assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community2022
PwCCyber Threats 2021: A Year in Retrospect2022
RecordedFuture2021 Vulnerabilty Landscape2022
Red Canary2022 Threat Detection Report (Direct Link)2022
RIA Cyber Security in Estonia 2022 - Direct Download Link2022
SonicWall2022 Cyber Threat Report2022
SophosLabsSophosLabs Threat Report2022
State Security Department of LithuaniaNational Threat Assessment2022
Toshiba2021 Cyber Security Report2022
UK GovernmentCyber Security Breaches Survey 20222022
Unit 422022 Unit 42 Ransomware Threat Report2022
US-CISALive Releases of Cyber Threat Analysis Reports2022
Verizon2022 Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR)2022
vmwareGlobal Incident Response Threat Report: Manipulating Reality2022
AppleApple Platform Security2021
Avanan1H Cyber Attack Report2021
Avast Q3 '21 Report2021
Baker HostetlerData Security Incident Response Report - Disruption and Transformation2021
BDO.cwBDO Cyber H1 2021 Threat Intelligence Report2021
Blackberry2021 Threat Report Highlights2021
BulletproofBulletproof Annual Cyber Security Report 2021
CiscoThreat Insights/Threat Explainers2021
CiscoSecurity Outcomes Study, Data Privacy Benchmark Study, CISO Benchmark, 2021
CompTIAState of Cybersecurity 20212021
ConnectWise Perch MSP Threat Report2021
CrowdStrikeGlobal Threat Report2021
CrowdstrikeNowhere to Hide - 2021 Threat Hunting Report2021
ENISAENISA Threat Landscape 20212021
ESETThreat Report T3 20212021
ESETThreat Report T2 20212021
FinCenFinancial Trend Analysis - Ransomware Trends in Bank Secrecy Act Data Between 01/21 & 06/212021
GoogleAndroid Enterprise Security Paper2021
HiscoxHiscox Cyber Readiness Report2021
HP Wolf SecurityThreat Insights Report Q42021
HP Wolf SecurityHP Wolf Security Threat Insights Report - Q3 - 20212021
IBM Cost of Data Breach Study2021
IBM - X-Force2021 IBM Security X-Force Cloud Threat Landscape Report2021
ISACA State of Cybersecurity, 2021 Part 22021
Kaspersky Advanced Threat Predictions for 20222021
Kaspersky Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2020/2021 [EU]2021
KrollGlobal Fraud and Risk Report 20212021
MalwareBytes2021 State of Malware Report2021
McAfee LabsAdvanced Threat Reserach Report - Oct 20212021
MicrosoftMicrosoft Digital Defense Report2021
SophosLabsSophosLabs Threat Report2021
Trend MicroAttacks from All Angles2021
VerizonData Breach Investigations Report2021
VerizonMobile Security Index2021
VirusTotalVirusTotal Ransomware Activity Report2021
VMWareThe State of Incident Response - 2021 2021
VMWareGlobal Security Insights Report2021
AccentureThird Annual State of Cyber Resilience2020
AT&TCybersecurity Insights Report2020
BeazleyBeazley Breach Briefing2020
Bullet ProofAnnual Cyber Security Industry Report 20202020
Check Point ResearchCyber Security Report2020
CrowdStrikeGlobal Threat Report2020
CrypsisIncident Response and Data Breach Report2020
ENISAENISA Threat Landscape - 20202020
FBI - IC3Internet Crime Report2020
F-SecureF-Secure Annual State of CyberSecurity Webinar2020
Herjavec GroupOfficial Annual Cybercrime Report2020
HiscoxHiscox Cyber Readiness Report2020
ISACAState of Cybersecurity 20202020
KasperskeyKaspersky Security Bulletin - 20202020
KrollGlobal Fraud and Risk Report2020
MalwareBytesState of Malware Report2020
MicrosoftMicrosoft Digital Defense Report2020
OptivCyber Threat Intelligence Estimate2020
SonicWallSonicwall Cyber Threat Report2020
SophosLabsSophosLabs Threat Report2020
VerizonData Breach Investigations Report 2020
VerizonMobile Security Index2020
VMware Carbon Black Threat Analysis UnitCybersecurity Outlook Report2020
BeazleyBeazley Breach Briefing2019
CrowdStrikeGlobal Threat Report2019
MalwareBytesState of Malware Report2019
RSACurrent State of Cybercrime2019
SonicWallSecurity Annual Threat Report2019
SymantecInternet Security Threat Report2019
TrustWaveTrustWave Global Security Report2019
VerizonData Breach Investigations Report 2019
VerizonData Breach Investigations Report2019
Baker HostetlerData Security Incident Response Report2018
CrowdStrikeGlobal Threat Report2018
MicrosoftMicrosoft Annual Security Intelligence Report2018
OptivCyber Threat Intelligence Estimate2018
SecureworksSecureworks State of Cybercrime Report2018
U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government ReformThe Congressional Report on Equifax Hack2018
VerizonData Breach Investigations Report2018
CiscoCisco Mid-Year and Annual Cyber Security Reports2017
ENISAENISA Threat Landscape Report2017
FlashpointBusiness Risk Intelligence (BRI) Decision Report2017
F-SecureF-Secure Annual State of CyberSecurity Report2017
KasperskyKaspersky Quarterly Malware Report2017
KrollGlobal Fraud Report2017
MalwareBytesState of Malware Report2017
VerizonVerizon Annual Breach Report2017
VerizonData Breach Investigations Report2017
FlashpointBusiness Risk Intelligence Decision Report2016
GoogleAndroid Security Annual Report2016
IBM Cost of Data Breach Study2016
IBM Cyber Security Intelligence Index2016
KrollAnnual Data Breach Trends2016
Mcafee LabsThreats Predictions report2016
Pwnie ExpressInternet of Evil Things Report2016
RedspinProtected Health Information (PHI)2016
SymantecInternet Security Threat Report2016
AT&TCybersecurity Insights Report2015
GoogleAndroid Security Annual Report2015