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OS X Incident Response
" OS X Incident Response: Scripting and Analysis" is written for analysts who are looking to expand their understanding of a lesser-known operating system. By mastering the forensic artifacts of...
Jaron Bradley
Practical Linux Forensics
A resource to help forensic investigators locate, analyze, and understand digital evidence found on modern Linux systems after a crime, security incident or cyber attack. Practical Linux Forensics dives into...
Computers Bruce Nikkel
Practical Malware Analysis
Malware analysis is big business, and attacks can cost a company dearly. When malware breaches your defenses, you need to act quickly to cure current infections and prevent future ones...
Computers Michael Sikorski
Practical Mobile Forensics – Fourth Edition
Become well-versed with forensics for the Android, iOS, and Windows 10 mobile platforms by learning essential techniques and exploring real-life scenarios Key Features Apply advanced forensic techniques to recover deleted...
Computers Rohit Tamma
Red Team Field Manual (RTFM)
The Red Team Field Manual (RTFM) is a no fluff, but thorough reference guide for serious Red Team members who routinely find themselves on a mission without Google or the...
Computer security Ben Clark
SQLite Forensics
SQLite is a self-contained SQL database engine that is used on every smartphone (including all iOS and Android devices) and most computers (including all Macs and Windows 10 machines). Each...
Paul Sanderson
The Art of Cyberwarfare
A practical guide to understanding and analyzing cyber attacks by advanced attackers, such as nation states. Cyber attacks are no longer the domain of petty criminals. Today, companies find themselves...
Computers Jon DiMaggio
The Art of Memory Forensics
Memory forensics provides cutting edge technology to help investigate digital attacks Memory forensics is the art of analyzing computer memory (RAM) to solve digital crimes. As a follow-up to the...
Computers Michael Hale Ligh
The Basics of Digital Forensics
The Basics of Digital Forensics provides a foundation for people new to the digital forensics field. This book teaches you how to conduct examinations by discussing what digital forensics is,...
Computers John Sammons
Troubleshooting with the Windows Sysinternals Tools
For nearly two decades, IT professionals have considered the free Sysinternals tools absolutely indispensable for diagnosing, troubleshooting, and deeply understanding the Windows platform. Today, with new tools and many enhancements...
Computers Mark Russinovich
Windows Internals
Delve inside Windows architecture and internals - and see how core components work behind the scenes. This classic guide has been fully updated for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012...
Computers Brian Catlin
Windows Internals, Part 2
Drill down into Windows architecture and internals, discover how core Windows components work behind the scenes, and master information you can continually apply to improve architecture, development, system administration, and...
Computers Mark Russinovich