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Rick Kiper’s Research Project

A personal friend and FBI colleague of mine, Rick Kiper, has a research project that he is currently working on for Forensics. 

The next phase of his research study is to develop a digital forensics tool typology. Basically, the goal is to identify the most important characteristics of digital forensics tools, so that a forensic examiner may be able to quickly assess and select a digital forensics tool appropriate for a particular task.  The goal is to improve upon existing typologies, such as the NIST tool catalog.  In this phase of the research, Rick is asking the community of digital forensic examiners to complete a short anonymous survey that is literally two screens long. The first section helps us whittle down the list of the most important tool characteristics, and the second section collects simple ratings for a few selected forensics tools.

You can access his short survey here: https://goo.gl/forms/QvPF8xhdT5ve47ko1

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