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SANS DFIR Summit 2017 Wrapup

Awesome presentations, great humor throughout and well deserved wins across all of the forensic4:cast awards.  It was tough to compete in the same category as Magnet Forensics and Cellebrite and having been nominated to the top 3 with these 2 alone was humbling.  It was my first SANS Summit, but it certainly won’t be my last – already blocking off my calendar for next year.  It also got me thinking about a book that I had started about a year ago that my graduate work has had on hold…in a few months I think it will be time to pick that research back up.

It was also the birth of a revised Twitter handle. Inadvertently Lee Whitfield @lee_whitfield had tagged About DFIR in a tweet as a pre-Forensic 4:cast awards announcement and my good buddy (and fellow StarCraft zerg crushing partner in crime) Phil Moore @phillmoore caught it pretty quickly that @aboutDFIR wasn’t taken! I had registered @aei4n6 a while back as homage to my pre-FBI career when I owned AEI Computer Tech and Web Design.

So @aei4n6 was retired and @AboutDFIR was born which I think is easier to remember and also fulfills a request of David Cowen’s @HECFblog in that @aei4n6 didn’t flow off the tongue very easily 😉

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