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Artifact or ProcessResource
ExifToolExifTool basics for DFIR
Image AnalysisEven the (Byte)Streams Can Tell More Than It Seems: Learn How to Spot Hidden Data in Images Using Amped Authenticate!
Image AnalysisWhere Are You From? Learn How to Investigate Which Camera Model Took an Image Using Exif Metadata and JPEG Quantization Tables
Image AnalysisThe Truth Will Come Out: Easily Verify Time and Location Metadata With Amped Authenticate and Avoid Being Deceived by Them!
Image AnalysisWhat’s in Your Past? A Guide to Spotting Traces of Double JPEG Compression With Amped Authenticate (Part 1)
Image AnalysisWhat’s in Your Past? A Guide to Spotting Traces of Double JPEG Compression With Amped Authenticate (Part 2)
Image AnalysisRemove Periodic Noise from an Image
Image AnalysisEnhance a Backlit Scene
Image AnalysisHow To Reveal AI-generated Images by Checking Shadows and Reflections in Amped Authenticate
Image AnalysisDeblur a License Plate in an Image
Image AnalysisSimilar Image Analysis Finds What Hashes Can’t
Image AnalysisThe Metadata Vanishes
Image AnalysisThe Secret Life Of JPEGs
Image AnalysisTen Minute Tip: Image Geolocation – Part 1
Image AnalysisTen Minute Tip: Image Geolocation Part 2
Image AnalysisPNG and Hidden Pixels
Image ThumbnailsBetter to Take a Look Than to Overlook: Image Thumbnails May Contain Hidden Information, Authenticate Helps You Find Out!
Video AnalysisAnalyzing videos with multiple video streams in digital forensics
Video AnalysisInfrared: Don’t Trust the Colors of Most CCTV Footage at Night
Video AnalysisLens Distortion: Cameras May Change the Shape of Things
Video AnalysisReceiving Video Evidence: Usually It’s Not the Original
Video AnalysisTimestamps: Not Always Showing the Right Time
Video Analysis Compression Artifacts: Hiding or Adding Details to the Scene
Video AnalysisMetadata: So Useful But Not So Reliable
Video AnalysisHow Can I Find Which Are CCTV Video Files on a USB Drive?
Video AnalysisHow Can I View and Show the Date and Time of a CCTV Video File?
Video AnalysisKelly-Frye, Daubert, Mohan, and Why You Need to Understand These Cases
Video AnalysisVideo Forensic Analysis of Samsung DVRs – Insights from 2024
Video/Image AnalysisA Short Guide to Choosing the Right Export Format For Your Images and Videos: Part 1
Video/Image AnalysisCorrect Optical Distortion
Video/Image AnalysisCorrect the Aspect Ratio of CCTV Footage
Video/Image AnalysisCorrect the Perspective of a License Plate
Video/Image AnalysisDeblur a Moving Car
Video/Image AnalysisEnhance and Optimize Facial Detail
Video/Image AnalysisIncrease Exposure of Dark Footage
Video/Image AnalysisIntegrate Multiple Frames to Improve Visibility
Video/Image AnalysisMeasure Heights from Surveillance Video
Video/Image AnalysisMeasure Speed from Surveillance Video
Video/Image AnalysisSuper Resolution from Different Perspectives
Video/Image AnalysisUnroll a 360 Camera
Video/Image AnalysisVideo Deinterlacing


Amped AUTHENTICATEPhoto Analysis and Tamper Detection
ExifTool by Phil HarveyRead, Write and Edit Meta Information
Amped FIVEVideo Investigation Software
Amped DVRCONVBatch Convert Proprietary Video Formats
ffmpegA complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video
ffprobeffprobe gathers information from multimedia streams and prints it in human- and machine-readable fashion
iNPUT-ACEForensic Video and Image Enhancement