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Notable reference site: Linux LEO, The Law Enforcement and Forensic Examiner’s Introduction to Linux. Please note, the guide has just received its first update in over a year. Updates should be coming more regularly, according to the guide’s author. Stay tuned for more to come! 

Test data is available GPT Partition Image (gptimage.raw.gz), Fat File System Image (fat_fs.raw), “Able2” Ext2 Disk Image , able2.tar.gz), “Able3” Ext4 Disk Image (able_3.tar.gz), Practice Log Archive (logs.v3.tar.gz), Carve Image (image_carve_2017.raw), and NTFS Image (ntfs_Pract_2017_E01.tar.gz).

For information on file signature analysis (OS agnostic and file-type specific), please check out Gary Kessler’s File Signature Table

Artifact or ProcessResourceDescription
Artifact Collection Unix CollectorA shell script for basic forensic collection of various artifacts from UNIX systems.
DiscordFinding Discord chats in Linux - #DFIR review
Forensic AnalysisA Linux Forensics Starter Case Study
Image MountingMounting E01 Forensic Images in Linux - Eric CapuanoMounting an E01 Image using ewf-tools on Linux
Linux ForensicsPerforming Linux Forensic Analysis and Why You Should Care!
Linux ForensicsDetecting and Investigating OpenSSL Backdoors on Linux
Linux ForensicsLinux Web Server Forensics: Dr. Ali Hadi's Web Server CaseWalk-through of Dr. Ali Hadi's Web Server Case CTF
lLeapplLeappLinux Logs Events Application Program Parser
Memory AcquisitionAArch64 Memory Acquisition for LinuxUse of DumpIt-Linux on Arm64 systems
Memory AnalysisAVML – Memory Forensics For Linux
Memory AnalysisAcquiring Linux Memory using AVML and Using it with Volatility
Memory AnalysisLinux Forensics Series Chapter 1 — Memory Forensics
Memory AnalysisMicrosoft's Project FretaProject Freta is a free, cloud-based offering from the New Security Ventures (NSV) team at Microsoft Research that provides automated full-system volatile memory inspection of Linux systems.
Memory AnalysisIntro to Linux memory forensics
Memory AnalysisLinux Forensics: Memory Capture and Analysis
Memory AnalysisHow to extract forensic artifacts from Linux swap
TimestampsLinux History File Timestamps - Thomas MillarWalk-through setting up a Linux VM and then reviewing timestamp and artifact information.
Universal Serial Bus (USB)13Cubed - Linux Forensics! First Look at usbrip
Universal Serial Bus (USB)USB Forensics
Universal Serial Bus (USB)USB 101
VelociraptorVelociraptor - Dig DeeperHands-on lab detailing a new open-source (AGPL) platform to perform surgical forensic evidence collection and incident response across a distributed computer network