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There’s always something new to learn. Hopefully you learned something new and actionable that you can use on your next case, regardless of the nature of it. If there’s anything you feel is missing from this page, let me know!

In the meantime, see below for some other resources that cover KAPE in detail, as well.

KAPE-Related Blog Posts/Videos

13Cubed – Introduction to KAPE

3MinMax Series Topic Review – Using KAPE in Forensics

Child Exploitation Investigation – Express Analysis with KAPE

Conducting Efficient Insider Threat Investigations using KAPE

Enabling KAPE at Scale

Episode 80: Learning about the KAPE tool.

Episode 81: Understanding and Using KAPE Target Files

Episode 82: Understanding and Using KAPE Module Files

Episode 83: Explaining the KAPE GUI Version -Target Side

Episode 84: Explaining the KAPE GUI Version – Module Side

Episode 85: Running KAPE through the GUI Version

Episode 86: Reviewing the Output Created by KAPE

Exploring KAPE’s Graphical User Interface in v0.8.2.0

Express Artifact Analysis and Timeline Development with KAPE

KAPE at Scale

KAPE + EZ Tools and Beyond – OSDFCon 2019 – Eric Zimmerman

Triage Collection and Timeline Generation with KAPE

Webcast: Express Artifact Analysis and Timeline Development with KAPE

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