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AboutDFIR Site Content Update – 12/15/2023

  • Jobs – old entries cleaned up, new entries added – AWS, Booz Allen Hamilton, CDW, Cyderes, Palo Alto Networks Unit 42, State Street, Verizon
  • Challenges & CTFs – new entry added – CTF Walkthrough – Cellebrite CTF 2023 – Sharon (Forensafe)
  • Tools & Artifacts – AWS – new entry added – CloudTrail – AWS CloudTrail Forensics – HTB Nubilum-1
  • Tools & Artifacts – iOS – new entry added – iTunes Backups – The Pitfalls of Relying on iTunes Backups for Investigations
  • Tools & Artifacts – Windows – new entry added – Tools – Belkasoft T

For those who missed the SANS Difference Maker Awards Ceremony Live Stream that was hosted this past Wednesdays December 13, 2023 you can check it out here! We want to congratulate our very own Andrew Rathbun (@bunsofwrath12) who was a finalist nominee for the Community Champion/Influencer of the Year award for all of his constant contributions to the DFIR community and also Brian Maloney (@bmmaloney97) who served as a finalist nominee for the Open-Source Tool Creator of the Year award for his work on OneDriveExplorer. Andrew and Brian represented the DFIR community extremely well during the SANS DMA awards and we want to express our sincere gratitude to them for all of their continued contributions to help those in the DFIR community!

Don’t forget to submit any missing forensicators to our Forensicators of DFIR page! Also, please consider submitting any DFIR or InfoSec related job openings via our form!

Fabian (@DFIRDominican)

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