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Tool Testing

Below are links to sites that host forensic images of computers, phones, and various other storage media that can be used for tool validation purposes. As always, if you know of a link that’s missing here, please submit it using this link!

When it comes to mounting forensic images, Arsenal Recon’s Arsenal Image Mounter is widely considered to be the best tool for these purposes. 

Android 13 Image2023Digital Corpora
Computer Forensic Reference DataSet Portal2022National Institute of Standards and Technology
DFIRArtifactMuseum2022DFIRArtifactMuseum - GitHub
Android 13 Image2022Josh Hickman
iOS 14.22021Josh Hickman
iOS 14.32021Josh Hickman
macOS - Big Sur2021Josh Hickman
Android 12 Image2021Josh Hickman
DCFL Control Standard v1.02020J Lyle
SQLite2020Digital Corpora
IoT Images2020 R. Jean Costello
Android 102020Josh Hickman
iOS 13.3.12020Josh Hickman
iOS 13.4.12020Josh Hickman
Android 112020Josh Hickman
Memory Images2020Alissa Torres
Android 12 Image Creation2020Josh Hickman
DigitalCorpora (Cell Phones, Disk Images, Files, Network Packet Dumps, Scenarios)2019
Android 11 Image w/ Documentation2019Josh Hickman
Android 72019Josh Hickman
Android 82019Josh Hickman
Android 92019Josh Hickman
Volatility Memory Image Samples2019Volatility
Mobile Device Images - Cellebrite UFED & Physical Analyzer2017J Lyle
Digital Forensics Tool Testing Images2010Brian Carrier
Basic Mac Image2009NIST
Memory Images2004Jesse Kornblum
Forensic Images for File CarvingJ Lyle
Forensic Images for File CarvingJ Lyle
Mobile Device Images - Guidance Software NeutrinoJ Lyle
Mobile Device Images - Paraben Device SeizureJ Lyle
Mobile Device Images - Susteen Secure ViewJ Lyle
Mobile Device Images - MSAB XRYJ Lyle
Container FilesJ Lyle
Linux Training MaterialsHal Pomeranz
Memory ImagesVarious
Mobile Device Images - NISTNIST