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AboutDFIR Site Content Update – 12/29/2023

  • Jobs – old entries cleaned up, new entries added – ADP, Clear, NCC Group, Palo Alto Networks Unit 42, Pouvoir Judiciaire – Etat de Genève, Warner Bros. Discovery
  • Tools & Artifacts – DVR/Multimedia – new entry added – Video/Image Analysis – Correct the Aspect Ratio of CCTV Footage
  • Tools & Artifacts – Google Workspace – new entries added – Tools – DriveFS Sleuth, Google Drive File Stream (DriveFS) – DriveFS Sleuth — Your Ultimate Google Drive File Stream Investigator!
  • Tools & Artifacts – iOS – new entry added – iOS 17 – iOS 17.3 Developer Preview: Stolen Device Protection

SANS has released a brand new exercise titled Executive Cybersecurity Exercise (ECE) which was designed to test a company’s leadership team’s ability to respond to cyber threats. Check out the details here!

Don’t forget to submit any missing forensicators to our Forensicators of DFIR page! Also, please consider submitting any DFIR or InfoSec related job openings via our form!

Fabian (@DFIRDominican)

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